Born and raised in the frozen north, well, central Minnesota, I was surrounded by hard working people to whom sarcasm came as natural as breathing. Being brought up in the land of 10,000 lakes, you travel with some baggage, namely a recognizable accent. And a smart aleck form of passive aggressive humor. Got my Minnesota Nice ready to deploy, at the drop of a hat.

When traveling, I’ve gotten a lot of “y’all ain’t from these parts, is ya.” And the inevitable discussion on who won the war of northern aggression.  They’re good folks down south. They know how told hold a grudge.

The people of the North are great story tellers. My dad and his friends would while away the hours, one upping each other, while drinking Hamm’s Beer, and most of the time their stories were pretty much true. I’m carrying on that tradition, with something they never had, pictures and video.

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