Fat Lady wants to sing

And that’s a wrap, folks. All things requested by the buyer are completed. As I was coming off the ladder, a fat diva marched up to me and demanded a stage so she could sing her finale. I told her “Sorry toots, we got no stage and I’m not building one just for you. You can check with the Mrs in the house to see if dishes need done or something useful like that.” You can imagine how that went.

Yesterday, the mail man drove up and wondered just what the heck the long yellow strap was holding down. I told him that it gets windy in these parts and I wanted the roof to stay on until the new owners took possession. It was actually holding my ladder from sliding off the roof. I was going to use rope but these straps hold 3300 lbs and the rope we found was only rated for 200 lbs. Since I had 3 straps, 27 feet each, I hooked it to the ladder and ended up anchoring it to the wife’s vehicle. The chimney install turned into a day and a half of more fun than you can throw a stick at. In fact, so fun, I’d rather not do that particular job again, ever.

At the end of the first day I made sure the wife knew not to drive off without checking first to see if the car was connected to the house. She assured me that that would never happen, but earlier in the day, we saw a picture on the internets of some chick driving down the freeway with a gas hose still connected to her car. The wife then told me she almost did that once, hence my harping about making sure to drive away without dragging the house down the road, with her.

So yeah, I know, it’s been awhile since I posted anything. I’ve been busting my butt to get done and get outta here and not much time for anything else.

About a week ago, started training the dog to put away his wild coyote ways and transition him into a town dog. The first few days were confusing, but he’s always been good about learning new things and so far, he’s still a good boy. He developed a habit of mournful howling when he got left outside and wanted to come in. Since my idea of a town dog is a good boy and quiet to boot, we bought a training collar that prevents barking. It’s from the same people that made a training collar for long range control. We’ve already been through that program and this new collar is just like the old collar. Since dogs think somewhat logically, dog logic, this new collar, in his mind is the old collar with new features. The moment I put it on him, he became A Good Boy. Meaning, no running off, smelling this or that. Just sticking close and listening to me.

I have been putting it on him first thing in the morning and it wasn’t until yesterday morning that he discovered the new, no bark or howl feature. The collar has a learning algorithm and steps up the correction only if it needs to. Ole Sweet Pea was outside, in the early morning dark and decided to mournfully howl, just a bit to express his displeasure at being left out too long. I was upstairs, putting some heat on my back and heard him start his routine, which suddenly cut off, after about the third note. He didn’t make a peep after that. And since the collar had learned his voice, today when he tried to howl, he got a half howl out and stopped. Since he’s not yelping, I know he’s getting a vibration that doesn’t hurt him. Just like the other training collar. So we’ll end up with a good boy that’s quiet and well behaved and everybody else’s dog will be barky, jumping on ya, and general pains in the butt. Living in town is like that.