Last day of April

I took my spiffy new drone up for a quick look at the neighborhood yesterday. According to the media pundits, the end times were upon us and I wanted one last flight before having to stand at the pearly gates and explain several questionable things I had done during my short 58 years on planet earth.

The weather was having a bi-polar moment, giving us highs in the low 40’s and lots of rain, but to the west of us 100 miles or so, they had a full out blizzard, with 14 to 20 inches of snow. You expect that kind of thing in Minnesota, Western Kansas, not so much. I guess since we did not have much of a winter this year, with February being warmer than March, Ma Nature decided to tie one on and make us pay for her hangover.

From the air, all the turned ground was awash with water, so I guess the farmers should be happy, unless you were one of those guys that kinda put off doing any dirt work till next week. Kansas has a habit of forgetting to stop raining some times. The tardy guys might have to wait until July to do what they should have done without hip boots.

The new drone was a joy to fly. I upgraded to a semi pro version of what I had and am happy with the results. This one has a better camera and can power through wind and still keep smiling. I couldn’t resist zooming Sweet Pea the dog as I brought it home. Ole Pea wanted to play tag with it, but I told him to sit and be a good boy, which he does so well.