Spring Sunrise

One of the things I love about living on the prairie is the spring sunrise. Quite often the always-present breeze has dropped off to almost nothing, and now you can hear the Barred owl hooting softly, down in the draw to the South East, with a haunting echo. Tom Turkeys are calling behind our ridge, and since spring is the burning season, the sky is softened with smoke and brings brilliance to even the most boring sunrise.

From our house, you can look to the East, where the lay of the land drops some 40 feet down into the valley and we get a beautiful view from straight down our driveway, of the sun or moon rising. Often the view includes a couple White-tailed Deer, a slinking, thieving Coyote, even a Bobcat every now and then.

Sky on Fire 2
Sky on Fire 1

It seems as soon as the sun has risen, the wind picks up, washing out all the quiet sounds, and you start squinting at the dust being blown into your face. And if you stand there long enough, sure as the sun shines, you’re gonna pick up some chigger bites. That ought to be a good enough reminder that you’ve got no business standing around, getting all dewy eyed over mean Mr. Sol. Daylight’s burning, and you best get busy if you want to get done here and get back home to Minnesota for the fishing opener and mosquito season. I’ll take mosquitos over chiggers any day. Summer up there, is only a couple of months long and the rest of the year is bug free. You’re not gonna get that kind of love, down here in Kansas. Now where’d I put that anti-itch cream again?