Kitchen Tableau

Scenes from our kitchen…
Mrs Chef is preparing lunch and is doing what Mrs Cheffy types do, whilst I peruse the internets. I find myself quite often giggling at the hysterics portrayed there. I hear a Hmph! and look up. She is trying valiantly to open a fresh jar of olives, because lunch in a civilized household is always garnished with olives. Being a somewhat svelte cougar Chef, she knows she probably won’t be able to open the jar, but stubborn gave her a lot of unexpected things in life, so gives it the tough girl try. Shortly afterward, I get handed the recalcitrant olive jar, with the comment “what do single women do when they want olives?” My jaded response, as I twist the top off the jar was “smart girls hand them to their husbands, not so smart chicks, get bitter and march on Washington, demanding that Uncle Sugar open their jars for them.” “Yep” she said and put the noodles on the stove.

Remember guys, choose wisely when shopping for Chefs.

Bon Appetit!


  1. And, what do unfortunate chicks do? Those who married and were duped? Still go without olives? Such a shame, to be so uncivilized, merely due to being duped.

    1. Dear Miss Duped,
      It’s a mean old world, but an unfortunate chick can still be a smart chick. I recommend acquiring a pipe wrench. Good for the odd plumbing job, olive jars and scalawags posing as honest men.

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