Air Raid

So we’re sitting here at the kitchen table, having some coffee after lunch. I sit facing North, the Mrs faces, um, to the South East. I’ve never been able to get her lined up properly. My view out the window is of the bird feeders and the back stone wall. The bird feeders are very active this time of day and interesting to watch. Beyond the bird feeders and stone wall, there are a few trees and eventually it peters out to blue sky. Our house sits on the East shoulder of a stone ridge that runs South to North through our 20 acres. When I look out the window, I’m looking uphill.

As I was zoning robinsout, looking at the 3 dozen Robins grubbing around for juniper berries, and the many Cardinals, Juncos and Sparrows jockeying for the best space at the food trough, I saw something off to the North in blue sky land. It was huge, it looked like a B-52 coming in for a bombing run. At that moment, all the birds hit the panic button and left the scene. By this time I confirmed it was a bird and not a Stratofortress heading our way. And what a bird. A Bald Eagle. He casually cruised over the property b-52and headed off to the South. He was slow enough that the Mrs got a look at him, which is rare, due to her inability to react to my shout that a meteor is heading directly towards her and she better….
eagleYou get the idea. We both got a good look and no, I did not get a picture. Words will have to do ya this time. I don’t get paid enough to be your photographer.

For people who see these birds a lot, it may not be that interesting, but we still get a thrill seeing these huge, recognizable symbols of our Country. I’d break into singing America the Beautiful or something, but I wouldn’t be doing you any favors and would probably scare any other Eagle out of the county.



  1. Not to say anything disparaging about our lovely Bergquist Princesses, but I know what you mean. Sometimes I believe that if I were to find Patti’s hair on fire, and I said “Patti, your hair is on fire” she’d respond with, OK, but wait, I need a minute or two to process this new information”….. HA HA…

    1. And they always have a rational (Girl Logic) explanation for the delay. Good thing we are there to look out for them, and have the patience of saints. I tell my Bergquist chick that all the time and she just rolls her pretty blue eyes at me.

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