Old Traditions

The Mrs and I enjoyed our traditional New Years Day lunch, Oyster stew. Now many of you may benew-years-day-oyster-stew thinking of rushing to the bathroom to have a quiet chat with Ralph at the thought of this, but didn’t your Mother warn you not to overdo it for New Years? We started doing this when my darling bride worked at the Minnesota GAR Hall and Meeker County museum. If you are not familiar with this, and like history, you definitely need to check it out. In fact, the web site has most of my wife’s writings still on display as though she never left the job, some 20 years ago.

Turns out, the GAR members, all veterans of the Civil War, had a big New Years Day feed of oyster stew. They loved it and you should, too. I kinda think my Chef has a much better recipe then they had, but who’s want to argue with a Civil War vet.

adding-butterIn other news, after turning another year older yesterday, the hind end of 5 decades if you have to ask, the Chef made me a rhubarb birthday pie. I don’t do cake and haven’t since I was 13. She makes a mean pie and I love them. However, I think the whole growing up deal has finally taken hold. I had one piece of pie, and thought, I’m good on pie. Maybe the rest can go to my Son. I did a quick check to make sure I didn’t have a fever and maybe a stroke or something, but no. Just the whole sobering reality that my eyes will never be bigger than my going-instomach, ever again.

And still other news. The struggle to get the heck out of Kansas continues. All the new windows and frames are installed. And just in time for some cold weather. Today, a little carpentry, insulation and sheet rock and sometime soon, put the wood stove in. You don’t want to rush into pies-donegetting heat in the house. I keep telling the Mrs, it’s just training for living in cold country. So far, she ain’t smacked me upside the head with her cast iron, but I don’t think I will be dwadling much more on the wood stove issue. You ever notice with lots of blankets on the bed, you struggle with them all night long and wake up exhausted? No? Well, trust me on that. People with central heat are a bit lacking in the empathy department, sometimes.

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