Drywall Mudding Blues

hole-in-groundIt’s been a hard slog, if one is honest with one’s self, this downstairs bathroom project of ours. Started with bare dirt, and grew it up from there. My 30 year old contractor mouth claimed that it would be done by August 20th. That’s the trouble with letting your younger, know it all self, write verbal checks on what’s gonna get done and then the older and wiser, not to mention quite a bit more busted up self has to pay the tab. I’m learning though. Last time he opened his mouth, I sent him out to dig post holes and I ain’t seen hide nor hair of him since.

We are in the final stretch, with drywall mudding and detail work, known as sanding and frostycaulking until you are soaking wet and look like a frosted doughnut. Because the bathroom is a small area, I was optimistically thinking, bing bang boom. Knock that dude out in no time and sleep like a winner. Small rooms that have lots of corners, kinda of suck. Plus the walls and ceiling intersect with the back stone wall, which we left exposed to dramatically accent the space while you stand there brushing your teeth. What it did, so far is dramatically increase the time and angst to get the dang thing done. Hard headed persistence will get you there, that and a few 6 packs of brews. It’s thirsty work.

mudroom laundrywater-closetshowersink-view




It took 3 tubes of caulk to get the look I was looking for and I’ve gotten pretty handy mudding drywall by now too. The old and busted me is saying the mudroom and downstairs bathroom should be all done but the shouting, by this Monday Eve. Which means that the next project on the honey, hurry up and get the damn thing done already list, is the upstairs bathroom. Not a total gut job, just change out the tub and put a new sub floor and vinyl in. I’m gonna call it a week for that, but I’m not saying that out loud.