History Repeats, Again

InstallingMade some progress today. It has changed how everything sounds in the kitchen and I find I have to raise my voice when talking to the wife. Which is natural, I guess, otherwise Maskshe tends to get on her high horse. In other project news, took one for the team, as the saying goes, when finishing up my propane line for the water heater. The gas line was just hanging out, waggling around previous to this and needed to be fenced in to its permanent home. No big deal. I can pipe gas with the best of them and in no time, it was all safe and secure. Did my bubble check and here is where it gets a bit dicey. You see, I have some history when it comes to fire and burning.

When I was 8 or so, my cousin Joey was looking after my sister and I. We wanted to have something for lunch that required the oven to be used. It was an old style propane job that had to have the pilot manually lit and my cousin, not knowing this, turns the gas knob to 11, and the eager beaver that I was, helpfully told him he had to light it first. Huh, where? I opened the broiler tray and pointed. He couldn’t see it, so I grabbed the matches and BOOM! Got an instant preview of Hell. A nice hair cut and tan too.

Propane LineSo I am always cognizant that gas ignition can have consequences. I hunkered down on the floor and put my glasses on cause I’m old now and can’t see for squat. Stuck my fire starter in the dark canyon of the pilot area and turned the knob to pilot start and pushed it down. I was so busy taking care of business, that I didn’t notice Mr Murphy kneeling down beside me. I hit my fire starter and after a few tries, the pilot catches. Now, they always tell you to let the pilot burn for 30 seconds before switching the knob over to normal operation. And I did. Because it hadn’t been lit for a couple of hours, the burner took right off and then went out. Huh? That’s not right. Since I was lying on the floor and Pilotcouldn’t see what position the knob was in, I was thinking maybe I hadn’t got it all the way over to the correct position and BOOM! Another preview of HELL! I was glad I had my glasses on because I got an up close and personal view of the burner reigniting and all that burning gas came blasting out, into my face and 2 feet beyond. I think even Murphy got a bit singed.

I lay there for a bit, thinking on how history repeats itself and this is really getting old. About this time, the Mrs wanders in and looks at me like, did you wreck the water heater? I told her things went boom and my lips are stinging. She gave me the once over and said shake it off and get back to work. Tough love is a requirement when you want to move before it snows. When our son was small, he liked the Young Hercules animation and we watched it many times. In one of the scenes the Devil, who always had blue flames for hair, had his hair go out.  That crossed my mind as I was “shaking it off.”

Is my hari out