Phone Buddy

Our cell phones have never worked real well in our stone house. So we mostly resort to having conversations not indoors. Kind of like having indoor plumbing, but you still have to use the outhouse to jabber, so to speak. On nice days we can sit on the porch and yammer away. On hot days, you are in the shade, near where the tractor is parked, so at least you have something to lean against.

Since we have lived here, we noticed right off the bat that a lot of lizards call this place home, too. Collared Lizards live under the porch, by the dining room door. Skinks and their kind hang out near my shop, and they all drive Sweet Pea to distraction.


The Mrs was talking to back home the other day, and as she sat down on the porch steps, one of our Collared Lizards popped out of the decking and stretched out for a suntan. These guys are noted for being quiet friendly and like to be around people. I have had one last year hang out with me and my beer, while I was grilling. He didn’t drink or talk much, so he was like the perfect BBQ buddy.


While the Mrs was on the phone, I happened to be walking back and forth from the shop to the downstairs bathroom several times and at first I didn’t even notice a lizard on the deck. The wife pointed him out and I am sure I must have passed by him no more than 3 feet away, and he didn’t blink an eye. Since he was sitting still, I grabbed the camera and tried to get him to smile. No deal. He just sat there until the Mrs was done talking and when she went in the house, he took off. I like that in a lizard. Not pushy, or clingy, just somebody to hang out with for a chat and then go about your business. The Jehovah Witnesses that show up here every 3 weeks or so, not so much.