Independence Day 2016

Greetings Citizens and wishing you a pleasant Independence Day. The neighbors started early last night and even earlier the night before. In Kansas, you can let fly just about everything short of an ICBM and maybe if you know a guy, who knows a guy, that could be arranged.

Anyway, just after the sand man had tucked us in for the night, boomdidy boom boom boom and so on. Thankfully, our dog does not get hepped up over noises like that. Hunting dogs are good that way. In fact our night crew didn’t bat an eye either. Ricky the raccoon has been coming just about every night and cleaning up what the bird crew does not finish. He appeared unconcerned over the people’s right to blow their fingers off and their hearing out. That’s how we grow’em out here in fly-over land.

I suppose you might have noticed the flags flying at the top of the post. If you’re the type to gasp and clutch your pearls over somebody having the gall to display something that has been deemed forbidden, you’re welcome. I am happy to provide you an opportunity to raise your blood pressure a bit. I’ll just call it oppositional defiance disorder. It is a common attribute of my people. Maybe you’d like to also to hear the song of my people. Here ya go:

Now you have admit that is much better rendition of the Star Spangle Banner than some squeaky voice celebrity twit that can’t hit the high notes.

Enjoy the 4th of July, our Independence Day and maybe read a bit about the run up to the Revolutionary War and how men of fortitude handled despotic governments. Yeah, it may seem like ancient history, but it is said that history repeats itself if we forget what we learned. Gonna be an interesting summer. Make sure you check the water temperature every now and then. Did you know you can boil frogs, if you do it slowly enough?