It rained on my parade

My wife looked up from her computer and said, we’ve won at the lottery. Normally, this would be cause for a bit of excitement, but she is a Scandi and not prone to displays of over exuberance. I am a practical guy, and immediately went into my Plan W mode. W being for winner. I started to look around for a phone book, so I could call;
1st, a couple of contractors to get them busy on finishing what’s left to be done on the house
2nd, a realtor to get him starting the process to list the place
3rd, Movers to get them scheduled to pick up our stuff and get it moving North

The Mrs, seeing unusual activity coming from me, let me go on about my business for a couple of moments and then asked quietly, what I was doing.
I looked at her like maybe she was too shocked at suddenly being rich, and possibly it shorted out something and she was going through a soft reboot. I told her I was looking for a phone book, so I could get things rolling. She smiled that smug Scandi smile, like they do when they’ve got one over on you and well, it was that kind of smile. I asked what her malfunction was and she just shook her head. She said, yes, we had won at the lottery, not the whole dang thing. Huh. Getting to an age when you don’t hear as good as you used to, can get awkward at times. I asked her how much we did win. She said a whole Rain-Gaugedollar. Huh. Well it felt good, for as long as it lasted.
Guess I better go outside and get the scraping blade put on the tractor. We got almost 4 1/2 inches of rain overnight and screwed up our driveway and really chewed up our road. Living on a ridge, the whole dang thing drains through our driveway. They always tell people Kansas is flat. I guess they missed this part.