Courtship Feeding

We’ve had 4 or 5 breeding pair of Northern Cardinals around the place for as long as we have lived here. Cardinals, at least the Kansas ones, don’t migrate and apparently mate for life. So, these guys consider this place their home, as much as we do. Until I put a game cam out there, we were pretty much in the dark as to the whys and wherefores of avian behavior. Hard to see what they are doing, in the leafy trees. I plunked a has-been deer feeder in the back yard, stuck a game cam on it and now we’re talking. One of the more interesting things we have seen was Courtship Feeding, performed by male Cardinals to their intended darlings. Of course I am anthropomorphizing large and fast here, but that, to coin a phase, is the way of my people.

The first pair you see is from today. Very endearing, almost makes me want to go out and buy my wife roses or something. Almost, but she hates flowers. Go figure.

The second pair are from May 10th. I can sympathize with the guy, he almost muffed the hand off, looked real nervous, and the stupid sparrow looked like a clueless Wally World shopper. Just wander into somebody else’s business. I’da taken that boy out back and, well, that’s just me.
The female looked a bit indifferent at the offering. They can get that way sometimes; she looked like an older woman, and I talk from experience. Anyway, enjoy the avian foreplay, if I may be so bold. Sure I can, it is the way of my people.