Carnivore Quick Mart

Since we’ve been here on the lone prairie, coyotes have been a constant companion. We would hear them most every night, along with the Owls and other meat enthusiasts. I’ve always been a hunter and the age old problem has been what to do with all the wiggly parts of the animal, that you don’t use. Solved that niggling detail by setting up an area on our back fence, that all the scraps get sent to for recycling. Everybody loves the idea, and I do mean everybody. Coyotes, Owls, Bobcats, Raccoon’s, Possums, Norway Rats, well, you get the idea. Even the wife is happy. She just hands the stuff to me and it disappears.

My creative muses have been yammering in my ear lately, saying get with it, butter cup. Everybody in the family is putting neato stuff out there (Live Venues, Facebook, Family get togethers) and you’re doing what, trapping rats and feeding the coyotes. Muses can be such whiny tarts sometimes. So, Fine. What you’re about to see is a compilation of 3 Game Cameras, portraying a typical day at Carnivore Quick Mart. As the Legal disclaimer says at the end of the video, void where prohibited. Enjoy. And if you do enjoy it, please like, comment and subscribe. It would shut my muses up for a while.