Good Dog Gone Bad

Ole-PeaOle Sweet Pea’s been a pretty good companion, but now and then he gets a wild hair and things go awry. The Mrs has been going through a thing lately, with coupons, that has me a bit puzzled. These 2 sentences will join up soon, so work with me here. Where was I? Oh yea, The wife, she makes home made bread every week and has done so for years. Good stuff, so good that our grown son asks for it and has now decided to start making his own. So when she came home last week and proudly announced that she scored some free bread, I cast an askance glance at her and might have raised one eyebrow. Why, I asked, would you get free bread when you make it every week and your bread is way, way better that what you just brought home. She just waved an airy hand at me and justified it all with, “I had a coupon and it was free.” Uh huh. I brought up the hoary old adage of “Just ‘cause it’s free, don’t make it worth it.” This worked on her about as, well it didn’t and leave it at that.

A week later, the bread is still in the wrapper, unopened, and now I get the ‘nod’ that something needs to be done about it. I think I said something about giving it to the dog, but that didn’t fly. Fine. I suddenly had a great idea. I could bring it back to where we drop off scraps for the local clean up crew to take care of. Eventually, whatever is out there goes away, so that would fit the “something needs to be done” thing nicely. I grabbed the bread and some wire and headed out the door.

My plan was to run a wire through the bread and hang it from a tree limb, about 3 feet off the ground, so whoever came to lunch would have to work at it a bit. I put my game cam up to catch the whole thing on video, and as I walked back, I noted how strong the smell of bakery goods was.

Because we have occasion to feed the beasts that prowl about, we had installed a somewhat invisible fence to keep the dog from stealing beast vittles. I say somewhat invisible, because we just strung it along the existing barbed wire fence and called it good. Ole Pea is a quick study and learned that you don’t stray close to the danger area. Got this accomplished in 1 afternoon. They recommend a whole week for normal K9s. We had this all done about a week before the bread got put out and I didn’t even give it a moment’s thought. He went out with me the morning after the bread was in place to help me video my daily rounds of my Rat Line. I then parked him at the house while I went into the forbidden zone to check the bread. To my surprise, the bread was untouched. Normally, something smelling so exotic would be gone in a jiffy, but maybe the locals were on a low carb thing. Who knows. I had done my checking from atop our ridge, looking down at the feeding area so as to not disturb the scene. I walked back to the house and had some coffee, while Ole Pea was cooling his heels outside. Did I mention that batteries for Pea’s collar only last a week? Yea, that was news to me too.

After coffee, I thought I would pull the data card from the game cam and see if I had anybody wandered by. Coyotes can be mighty suspicious at times, so maybe the game cam caught them just browsing the bakery aisle. From a distance, again, I saw that the bread was gone. By golly, I bet they just had a late breakfast, and I could not wait to see what the video would show. You have to watch the video to get the rest of the story.

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