A Little Friendly Competition

Lethargically sipping my coffee this morning, I looked up and noticed we have a Disney event going on at the bait station. My rather chubby, corn fed squirrels, who by the way were a real hit at the Thanksgiving meal yesterday, have learned to share the bounty of my benevolence. Which is a fancy way of saying, I put the corn in the feeder to fatten them up and eat them. Winner winner, squirrel dinner, as my wife is fond of saying. Anyway, they have learned to share the grain with birds of all types. Grudgingly at times, but they are mostly indifferent.

Today, with freezing rain and nasty north wind, a lone squirrel got flash mobbed by one of our resident Bobwhite Quail coveys; we have several bands of them roaming around. 9 of the little twerps zoomed in and started a pecking and a scratching. The squirrel stopped chewing and glared at them. This was deviant behavior for squirrels as they almost never stop chewing.

The quail did not notice, so the squirrel felt he needed do something that would catch their attention and show his displeasure. He turned his back to them and lifted his tail to curl over his head. Like some punk fur hoodie. The quail noticed this and swarmed his back side to get the corn he had been sitting on. Which caused him to jump and further loose prime position, which caused them to move into his discomfort zone and so on. A multi species game of tag. All that was needed was some sweet music to idealize this moving tableau of love and friendship between Gaia’s children. Ack, what bunk! I took a picture of him on the outside of the corn zone, hunched over and feeding his fat face, glancing nervously over his shoulder. I would have gotten another picture, but I got busy checking the KS DNR site for when the first available hunting season is for quail. Would you look at that. The season is going on right now until January 31st. I better put some more grain out there, the quail were looking a bit thin. Winner Winner, quail dinner.


  1. I learned something about preparing old squirrel. Apparently you need to boil it to tenderize it before you cook it the rest of the way or fry it or bake it under glass. The squirrel that Paula made was fabulous! And we are grateful to had participated in the family Thanksgiving dinner at the Nelson residence.

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