Dinner in my backyard

Things were hopping at our place last night, but we didn’t even get an invite. I have a bait station in the back yard, right in line of sight of my kitchen chair. I happened to glance up from some head work I had been doing and noticed Mr. Squirrel with party of 4 had arrived, seating themselves next to the kitchen, and were filling their fat faces with my corn. Since we had already eaten, I didn’t feel the need to crash their party and have them over for dinner. Preferably with and dumplings and a nice gravy.
Squirrel - Party of 4
As the sun went down, I figured everybody had gone home and could put my .22 away for the evening. However, the after hours crowd showed up and mugged for my game camera. Kind of a shrimpy little bandit, but he’ll grow into a fine coon skin cap someday. I had one myself, back in the early ’60s when Fess Parker was playing Daniel Boone. Since it seems like I am going through my second childhood lately, I might need another nice cap with tail on it.

After Hours - Racoon