Coffee Time

We like to have a jot of coffee in the afternoon. A nice rev up to keep the day moving. Today, after a wonderful and filling rib lunch, I needed a bit more than coffee delivers. Kahlua is coffee liqueur and that puts a wonderful punch to the guts of any coffee time. Somewhere back in the day, the name of Kahlua got changed to Happy Dancing Coffee Music. It just seemed to work.

So today, when the Mrs was pouring up the coffee, I asked for some Music  to be added to my brew. She turned around and reached into the exotics cabinet, and brought out the requested bottle. The wife then sidles up to me and starts pouring the Music into my cup. I looked up at her and told her not to be shy. She looked down at me, stuck her hip into my shoulder and said “I’ve never been know to be the shy type” and sashayed away. All I could do was close my gaping mouth and swallow hard. I used to think horses were inscrutable and requiring an entire life to understand. They got nothin’ on the female mind.


  1. Somehow, I can only imagine that there is a little more to the original story of “Happy Dancing Coffee Music”!

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