Cocktail Hour

Today is our last official day of work. It is hard to remember that, since we have been on vacation for the last 3 weeks. I took the wife to the the new Cancun Mexican restaurant in Winfield for lunch. It was the standard Tex/Mex fare, very mild, not shouting flavors or spices. Kansas food kinda wears on you like that. Not that certain Minnesota palettes don’t think ketchup is zingy. Once you’ve tasted New Mexico red or green, you can never really go home again, but we’re gonna try.

Anyway, came home and started a painting project on the door I am installing. Halfway through, I hear the cocktail hour bell ring, which is funny in a Ha sort of way ‘cause I can’t hear the coffee pot beep 5 feet away from me, but my question is why would a coffee pot have to speak to me anyway.


Today’s cocktail is epic due to the finishing of our Education tenure and the Mrs retiring. It is the one and only Long Island Iced Tea. Caution dictates that you have only one. Ego and Palette adopt the Lays potato chip posit that you can never have just one. I plan on finishing my paint job after cocktail hour. It remains to be seen if the door or myself ends up with more paint on it. Live dangerously, cupcakes.