Officially a double digit midget, as the saying goes. As of today, Saturday, July 25th, we have 13 days left of getting up early and punching a time clock. 10 working days and we are out the door, taking care to not let the screen door bump us on the hinder as we walk out.

Then, the work begins. Wait a minute you say, you’re done with work and… hold on there cupcake. There’s work and there’s work. The work that’s left is, oh, let’s see. I’ll make it short and say, make the house and property salable. Being the persistent, want to know type, you ask, “what does that mean?” I think I am going to pull a Nancy Pelosi and say, you’ll have to buy the place to know what I got left to do to make it worth the purchase price. Happy now?

I spent the morning sharpening my handsaws. If this had been a conversation taking place 50 years ago, the guys would nod their heads, everybody knowing what I was talking about and most everybody knowing how to do it. Nowadays, I doubt a half dozen people in the 2 towns I am close to, know how to do that. Everybody else has not looked up from their phones, or maybe even heard what you said. My lawn, you make take your leave of it.

Handsaws are handy things. I use them all the time and the coming big build is going to see these guys get used a lot. I bought a sweet little joinery saw, awhile back on the internet. I think it is well over 100 years old and probably had not been sharpened in the last 50. It’s a cute little thing that I will be using to cut tenons on the windows and doors I will be making. The Mrs dropped our digital camera and we are waiting for a replacement, so no pictures. Use your imagination. You know, that thing in your head you used to use before the internet came along. No, I am not crabbing about the internet, well, a little maybe. I have taught myself, let see… crap, I ran out of fingers. I learned just about everything from the internet. Electric wiring, plumbing, construction, robotics, woodworking, welding, making wood gas, hydrogen and the latest thing is blacksmithing. And that’s just for home use. My job, I learned html, php, mysql, unix coding, cisco and that kind of thing. It is a great tool to use to better yourself.

I have people ask me all the time, how do I know how to do this or that. I tell them I spent a lot of time researching the subject and got some hints on how to do whatever it is they are asking about and went to doing it. I used to use the library, but that’s pretty much past tense these days. But how, they ask again. At this point, I can see that I can tell them, but I cannot make them understand it.

You have to find something that interests you, and then you have to put in your time, persuing that subject, wherever you find it, and then you got to do it. Just do it. Put your damn phone down and do it. Some people don’t learn that way. I know, I was a, some people can’t learn in college, kind of guy. The internet was my dream ticket to whatever turned my crank, and my crank is really cranking these days.

Where was I, oh yah, sharpening handsaws. Well, got that done and tomorrow I am going to sharpen up my chisels. I already did my hand planes, so you don’t need to be worrying about that. Pretty much waiting to be done with my day job, so I can start my real job. I figure 60 days, and that puts us at the edge of winter in Minnesota.

The Mrs went to the Farmers Market today and picked up our hand painted shopping bag with my ole buddy, Sweet Pea, on it. It made me miss him all the more. The Sister in Law made her first sale with this bag and will probably be quite busy painting who knows what, now that the ice has been broken.


As I walk up to the house, yes it is up hill, from the shop, I used to have a dog waiting for me on the deck. Now, it’s collared lizards giving me the stink eye if I get too close. Nice, but so far, I have not been able to get these little sh*ts to fetch a stick, or even look where I threw it. Sub optimal as best friend material goes.