Screw Loose

The stress of summer living.

We have several cherry tomato plants out front and they have started producing usable fruit. Our habit is to grab the colored ones (fyi – not a racist statement, nice try though) on the way past the tomato patch. The Mrs had started lining them up on our cup rack above the sink. Exactly where my eyes rest, when I’ve paused gazing at my wife’s beauty, just over her shoulder. And I noticed the first time she did this, they were lined up willy nilly style, not in a gentle gradient of size and color. And she claims to be OCD. This drove me bugsh*t crazy, to the point of my not being able to focus on anything else.


Now I am nervously looking at the damn cup rack every 10 seconds, and jumping up to rearrange her apparent inability to line up tomatoes the way God intended them to be. Winter is easier, I cut the fire wood up evenly, playing no favorites to size and color and… Crap, the more I think about it, the more I need another beer.