Independence Day

I watched a video on the world wide web, a day or so ago. It was a man in the street type thing, in Austin Texas and in San Diego. I am still shaking my head at it. The interviewer was asking college kids and others walking by, about July 4th. What did the people think the whole thing was about? The part I saw included around a dozen people, and just a very few knew anything about it. The guy was giving hints, large hints, and still, most of them missed it badly. Laughing about it and adamant that they were going to have their fun, just not sure why, ha ha. Independence day, but independence of who from who, when? Very few had a clue.

I find this sadly ironic, as I am spending my work day scanning student records from 1920 to 1960. These records are mostly all written in beautiful cursive, so beautiful that sometimes I have a tough time deciphering what it is they are saying. It spans from original entry into school system, to 6th grade. A report card, basically, of their school life for the first half dozen years, all on a 5 X 8 inch card. The subjects listed in columns as to what was being taught. Reading, Writing and Arithmetic, Geography, Comportment and Citizenship. I remember going to school and having those same subjects. Now however, it’s a whole new can of worms. Citizenship is no longer being taught, as it once was. In fact the whole subject matter of Citizenship gets quite a bit of blow back when brought up in polite conversation. The Education system seems to have adopted the old proverb of “bend a tree when it’s young” and dang if you don’t end up with trees all leaning to the left, a feature, not a bug, they would say.

I am not sure if the people in Austin, or any big city, are all moronic idiots, but I do know that most of them passed through our public schools and many on through college. You may draw your own conclusions, I choose to consider them with disgust and contempt. The boys of Valley Forge don’t deserve to have all they sacrificed for, to be laughed at and forgotten.


I woke up in a feisty mood this 4th of July. It’s been comin’ on for quite some time. We used to have a flag out at the end of the driveway we flew all summer long. When the current occupant of the White House was elected for the second time, I stopped flying the flag. He, and all he stood for, mocked the very idea of the America I grew up in. I figured I wasn’t going to run up a flag of a government I don’t agree with. It burned me though, them claiming that flag and quite often rubbing our noses in it. Hell, their supporters burn it all the time.

And yet, yet… Gun sales have gone through the roof in the last couple of years. Ammo is hard to find because it’s being bought as fast as it’s made. None of these silly idiots we see online, who just live just for fun or immediate gratification or whatever goes through their empty heads, seems to have a firm grasp of history and what happens when the music stops.

Our gay Americans, 1.6 percent of us, (the rest of you transwhatever, have ah, mental issues, please seek help), have redecorated our land to the point where marriage is now no longer between a man and a woman, it is now between whatever and whatever. The law of unintended consequences will see hipsters marrying their phone, sometime soon.

Our black Americans, sorry guys, your ancestors may have come from Africa, you were born here and are Americans.  9 to 10 percent of all of us, and a lot of you believe marriage is a white thing, you might want to check with the gays on that one, and the thug life is the only life for you. When you look at crime statistics, black people are mostly killing black people. Look at Chicago for how gun control is working. And unwed mothers. Wow. Yes there was discrimination, nobody’s proud of the KKK, but a good majority of you were on the way up until Johnson and his Great Society screwed the pooch. Here’s a pro tip, most of our white guys ancestors came here dead broke, worked lots of jobs that were no better than your ancestors did. And mostly after the Civil War, so no one was a slave then. Like I said, you guys were mostly doing better until Johnson, and then you guys got affirmative action, welfare, victimhood and we didn’t. Somebody’s got to be able to put 2 and 2 together on that one. America is still the land of opportunity. I would just as soon hire a decent black guy than white. We got our problems too.

Liberals and their minions. Secret commies that loves them some big government socialism. They make statements like “Republicans are evil” and the stupid party, the Republicans, just let it go. The saying goes, “you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth” which seems to be the liberal’s working principle. Political correctness is the latest rage and they are using it to shut down unwelcome speech. Empty headed fools have not realized that we don’t talk anymore, well, the music stops.

Feminists. Holy moly Ole. I am starting to believe the 19th amendment might have been a mistake. I like women, but when the very, very small minority of them start talking and acting as they have, Daddy issues and mental frailty seem to fit the bill. Occam’s Razor. A lot of somebodies needs to tell you guys to put a sock in it and sit down. Adults talking here. And you forget the Chivalry business. Who the heck want to open a door for a tattooed harpy, only to get spit on.

The Media, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democratic Party. Making up sh*t and telling lies is about all they do. Everybody knows this, including the stupid party and yet, here we are.

So, the Media and their minions have decided to get rid of the Confederate Battle Flag. Mostly, just because they can. And, amazingly the Government, Amazon, Apple and others along with all sorts of influential people just rolled over and said Yup. Has anyone not read 1984? Do they not see a parallel of Orwell’s book and how things are going down?? And what happens when we, the 48 percent, the ones that just want to be left alone, the ones our Government has said are possible domestic terrorists, say we’ve had enough???

Please click and watch. My very favorite Jib Jab video, Independence.


Not saying we are there yet, but I am damn well flying MY flag again, and the new one we just got, to rubFist-full-of-Fireworks it in their faces. Call it oppositional defiance disorder, call it whatever you want. You can say it’s banned, but that don’t make is so. Have a happy 4th. If you don’t know what it means, go find out. Good people died so you might live free. And go shoot off some fireworks, unless you live in a nanny state. Screw that. Go shoot some off anyway. The boys from Valley Forge would appreciate the gesture.



  1. I sure am going to miss you. You do know that Minnesota won’t be very favorable to your points of view, right?

    1. Yup, we are aware. You get a big enough lever, you can move the immovable. I am going to do my traditional “turd in the punch bowl” routine to irritate the silent majority into being not so silent.

  2. This particular part of Minnesota will be much more welcoming than the metro area would be. I need to find me a couple flags…. one will be harder to find than the other it seems… America is in a sad state and getting sadder….

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