Mobile Lubrication

When 2 people get together, (ask about how she snared me with her chaps) and settle down, they end up finding their own groove. Something that both of them resonate with, kind of their own culture. The last decade or so, part of that living together thing for us was not eating supper. I would have a banana-blueberry smoothie instead of a full meal deal, and the wife would have some salad type thing that women exist on. So yeah, we do eat a sort of supper but not a traditional meal, and it tends to weird people out when we tell them. Whatever dude, you stuff your face and I’ll slam back a smoothie and rock on.

Tonight, I deviated from the norm, and requested some female food, a salad, cause I was hungrier than normal. Possibly as a result of spending time in Texas where everything thing is bigger. The Mrs made me a small salad and asked if I would like wine with that. She is a cultured Skandi and thinks all meals after breakfast require some form of lubrication. I told her I was not a barbarian, well not all the time, and yes, I would like some wine.

I shortly get to the end of my salad and still have quite a bit of wine left in my cup. I am an eat and run kinda guy, and had a project going in the shop. I did not want to bring my wife’s fine wine glass out there, so thought a bit and said, “I need a sippy cup for my wine.” It was a good thing the Mrs was not currently sipping her vintage, cause she gave a great snort, I am pretty sure I would have been wearing it. Once she regained her composure, she queried “A sippy cup?” “Yup, I am headed back out to the shop and need some wine to go.” We are long past having young kid type drinking apparatus in the house, so we were both briefly stumped, until I spotted my old insulated coffee cup that I have had since my Arizona days. Perfect. She poured it up and I was on my way. Necessity is truly the mother of invention.