Ole-Pea-2It’s been a rather interesting week or 2. Started off with watching Sweet Pea Ole-Peaheading down the driveway to his new home. My Sister in Law claimed the right of first refusal on him, when I had mentioned that with a very heavy heart, Ole Pea is going to have to stay in Kansas. She about knocked over the table with jumping up and insisting “He’s mine!” Her husband had previously made noises about not wanting another dog. She pointed a finger at him, gave him the full I Will Brook No Naysaying and declared, “He’s mine, I don’t want to hear another thing about it” or something like that. The husband and I were kind of thrown back into our chairs with the force of the whole deal, and I casually mentioned to him “I guess the the only thing left to say, is yes dear.” He gave me a somewhat withering look. He and I had been dickering over some tool in his garage and I knew from that look, our deal might have run off the rails a tad.

Sad PeaWell, that fateful day finally arrived and my buddy, my pal, my shop companion and all around goofball, hopped into their truck and drove off. I went into the house and sobbed into several beers. It ain’t been the same without him, but we soldier on.

Friday, we punched in for a couple hours of work before going down to see my sister and family. I am working in the Transportation building, where they also keep old files, and scanning student records from 1922 to 1960. Interesting, somewhat sad, and mind numbing work. I was more than ready to get out of there at 10 AM. The Mrs, who works out of the same building I do, had already walked out, when one of the mechanics from the bus bay stopped to chat with me a bit. When I finally got out of there, the Mrs asked me what was said. I told her, he asked where we were going and I gave him the Davy Crockett response with “You may all go to hell, and I will go to Texas.” She gave me a look askance, she’s never quite sure with me, whether I’m being Wry or Serious. I just shrugged to her and we headed down the road to Texas.

On the drive down, we learned that the Supreme Court had ruled in favor for Obama Care, basically saying the intent of the creator was good enough, or whatever. Pretty clear that this was a law they thought was to big to fail and the Supremes had decided to become another activist branch of the government. While I was driving, I was having a rather animated conversation in my head. It went something like this…

I would like to build a time machine, I tinker with electronics, so, yah, it’s possible. With this time machine, I would like to go back and find Benjamin Franklin, shortly after he had made his famous statement, “A Republic, if you can keep it.” I would find him in a pub, slap him on the back and tell him I would like to buy him a beer because he was right. Ole Ben was a savvy dude and he would accept my offer, making some witty comment on my strange speech and dress. He would be curious at what he was right about. As the serving wench delivered the brews, I would tell him, “The Republic thing, you nailed it dude!” I would proceed to tell him all that has happened, and by now, have gathered quite a crowd. He would get a sad, knowing face and we drown our sorrows by consuming lots more beer. I would have to fend off several older tarts that kept circling around us. I would also note that Ben was in dire need of a breath mint…..

My wife nudged me, said I was mumbling to myself and I better pay attention to the road.

My sister lives in the Dallas area, only 5 hours from us. It was around 2002 the last time I had seen her and the kids. We used what my wife calls Miss Navigator or mis-navigator, on her phone to get there. We did fine until the last left turn into a block long road ending in a cul-de-sac. The phone claimed we had arrived, but the address we were looking for was 205 and there were no 2s on this road. So we drove out of there and backtracked a bit and then called to ask where the heck the house was. My sister said her address was 102 and she had seen us arrive and then leave. I told her nobody likes guests that over stay their visit and we would be heading out now, nice to see ya, bye. Finally found her house and we got to meet and greet on the front lawn. I told my sister she looked pretty good for an old broad. Knowing me, Lexi-1she knew this was a compliment and I didn’t get kicked. Finally got to meet her husband, who is great guy. About this time we had entered the house, and it had been pretty bright outside, so everything was a bit dim inside. Something hit me in the shins and made grunting sounds. I looked down and met Lexi, the French Bulldog. She is a square chunk of hound, very lovable, goofy and like all things French, just a bit strange.

Further on in the house, I got to meet my niece again, this time all grown up. She about 6’ 20, with great Gunsguns, slim and willowy, with just a touch of blue in her hair. Quite a change from the midget I had seen many years ago. We got settled in, with Lexi doing her best to steal the show.

I had made a decision not to bring technology with me on this trip. Just my phone, and I was going to amuse myself with the book I had brought. With the idiocy of politics intruding into my Tao, I borrowed my wife’s laptop the next day to see what other incredulous decisions could be forced upon us. I did not have to wait long to find out the Supremes now said gay marriage was the law of the land. My sister had stocked up on beer for our stay and think I started drinking early that day.

Once again, musing to myself…. It is a small (fingers held very close together) percentage of people that are dictating how we should act and think. The destruction of Family, a man, woman, and children, seems to be their goal. There are probably more single mother families out there than traditional, and you can see how well that is working out. That, along with the social justice warriors banning all that they deem is evil. The Confederate Battle Flag. Some punk now speaks for everything from the south, all the veterans of the civil war, everything that was ever associated with the South. The sick punk had more Rhodesian flags than anything else, and we have to ban the Confederate flag. And is anybody talking about the Christian people he killed, and how they have forgiven him?

I was born and raised in the North, and when down South would argue with the best of them, about the civil war and how it was over and we won and so on. First damn thing I did when I heard about this banning the flag thing, was hit the webs and get me one. Tried 4 times on Amazon and finally made the purchase. I have heard crazy stuff, like removing the flag from everything, making it disappear. I will be waiting for the boys down south to start the party and say no. Crazy times.

Well, I closed my wife’s laptop with disgust and went to play with Lexi.

Dress-FrontWe had brought my mom’s wedding dress, and my niece tried it on. They tried toDress-Back-2 shoe horn it on her, but some alterations might be needed. My mom was 5’ even, 90 lbs soaking wet, meaner than a rattlesnake with a toothache when her ire was raised, and, well, some alterations will be needed.

A great visit, I did not take many pictures, and most of them were of the dog. I had grown up with my Lexi-2sister, so I knew what she looked like. The dog was hard to leave because of no dog at home. Oh well, soldier on.

Got home, and look what was in the mail. Go ahead and hate me if you must, but at your own peril.Rebel-Flag

Oh, I wish I was in the land of cotton,

Old times there are not forgotten,

Look away, look away, look away Dixie Land…


  1. Great visit big brother, loved seeing you and Paula again. Way past due! I think Lexi is still looking for you guys to walk through the door. In her world once she meets you,she owns! Look forward to the next time.

    1. Next visit will have to be in Minnesota. Bring fishing poles and a life preserver for the dog.

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