It’s June, so officially the end of the heating season. I am going with the Minnesota model on this, but Kansas can be a little whacky in the weather department, too. I have been planning to upgrade how we heat the place for the last several years, but life and its details always seem to get in the way. However, now it is cook or get out of the kitchen time. We will not be here for next winter, and what I had dreamed up to heat the place for one season, would be a bit sketchy for the next owner’s insurance guy to cover. Now, just ‘cause it was a bit unorthodox looking don’t mean it wasn’t safe. I have heated with wood for most of my life and nothin’ has burnt down on me yet.

About 6 years ago, I put a homebrew chimney though the dining room window for the wood stove that was sitting in the dining room, now furnace room. Yah, I know, but on the prairie, you do what you gotta do, and I am a function before form guy anyway. Like I said, it was supposed to last one year and then I was going to, well, I can’t tell you that yet, it’s still a secret. One year led to 6, ‘cause research and development take time, and the Mrs didn’t give me a real big allowance.

chimney-downToday was the day I planned to take down the chimney and put the window back inwindow-again as a window. This would normally be no big deal, but I was dreading it. My right shoulder has been bitching and moaning about picking up a coffee cup; I couldn’t wait to hear what it had to say about the coming job. But, eventually you have to slap your inner whiner around enough so he shuts up, and get to work. It went well, no mishaps, no blood, only a little cursing and the window looks like it’s supposed to. That don’t happen every day.