95 degrees and sunny – perfect day for mowing, right? Since our yard crew 3Horsesmoved south a few months ago, I decided I needed a small lawn mower, just for the 1/2 acre or so around the house. A few weeks ago I went to Sears, where the salesman showed me everything from the little person-powered reel mower to the big honking self propelled gas monsters. While I hemmed and hawed and gravitated towards the cheaper end of the store, he told me he actually had this particular model for his own yard. Said it worked pretty well on his lawn in town, which is fairly small, level and even. Yup, the tag said it was best for level, even lawns, but it was also about the cheapest of the gas powered push mowers.

NewMowerSo, I decided to try that one. Good price and it looked light enough for me to push up and down our not-level, not-even yard. Some people have the impression that Kansas is pretty flat. Not here on the edge of the Flint Hills. I got the mower home, put some gas in it and started it up. Noted that there was an instruction book, but remembered what my Dad said about that, he only read them to see if they were written correctly. Just a few pushes on the primer button, and it started on the first pull. Not bad.

Set it about half way up, since the grass & weeds were not too tall at that time, and made it through about 1/4 acre without being completely exhausted. Next day did the same thing, pretty much finished the yard, and have to say I’m pretty happy with my little mower. For being built for level, even surfaces, it goes up and down my occasionally 45 degree vertical yard pretty well. Limestone rocks, black walnuts and hedge apple branches, no problem.Mower

Now, if we could just figure out how to get the rest of the 20 acres of grass, weeds and red sumach under control! Might have talk to the local crop duster.

When I finished as much as I could handle today, most of the north half of the yard, I came in to shower and cool off. As I closed the door, I had the sensation of something moving past my left ear, and then heard something hit the floor. Looking down, I saw a little frog hopping into the corner. Still not sure if it was on the door or on my head when I walked in. Everybody wants to get in out of the heat, right?