Good Friday Rebuttal from Mrs

After reading the last post here, Good Friday, I must submit my rebuttal.

While it is true that I lived in California for about 15 years, and maybe could have been considered somewhat of a “hippy chick”, I really didn’t “do time” there. I mostly worked and attended college. Actually rather proud of the fact that I earned a 4 year degree without any debt, even if it did take me 10 years. That’s what happens when you work full time and go to school part time.

I also developed a taste for somewhat unusual food, from a midwest point of view. I love sushi, and I will remind everyone that sushi is vinegared rice, sometimes but not always served with raw fish. Sashimi is raw fish, sushi is not raw fish. One of the best things I ate there was really fresh salmon, fresh caught and cooked over an open fire right there on the beach. Amazing stuff, and something I keep looking for even though I know anything I find in a midwest grocery store won’t really come close.

Anyway, today is Good Friday, we have a day off from work, and I had found some reasonably good fresh salmon in the local grocery store. We also had some left over mashed potatoes, gravy, and some fresh kale. I found a recipe for Polish Pancakes that sounded pretty good. It’s really just cooked potatoes mixed with a beaten egg, some flour, salt and pepper, sauteed in olive oil in a very hot pan until brown and crispy. The gravy went pretty well with that and with the salmon, which I also sauteed in a hot pan with olive oil. You must have something green with a meal like that, so I cooked some frozen peas for Mr (pretty boring veg if you ask me).
Since I had noticed a can of hominy while cleaning a cupboard recently and did not remember why I bought it, I looked up some recipes for that, also. The one I found most interesting was browning the hominy in olive oil and butter with onion, garlic, jalapeno and red pepper flakes, so I had made some of that a few days ago, and of course had left overs.

good-friday-hersKale is not a vegetable with which I am familiar. I did try making kale chips a while ago, and they’re not bad, but not something I would make for myself very often. Mr declines to try anything that far out of his comfort zone. But kale is supposed to be very healthy, so I decided to try again. How about sauteed kale?

The holy trinity of French cooking is onion, celery and carrots, also known as mirepoix. The holy trinity of Cajun or Creole cooking is onion, celery and bell pepper. My personal holy trinity of cooking is onion, garlic and jalapeno. So both the hominy and the kale got sauteed with onion, garlic and jalapeno. Not bad. Kale is still a bit bitter and chewy, but pretty tasty.

Now if I could just get Mr to try some of my favorites, I wouldn’t have to fix two meals in one!