Excursions into Aisle 13

The weather has been beautiful the last couple of days, but I have been kinda ailing. Nothing sucks more than 4 sunny days off, because of spring break, and some mystery virus trying to have its way with you. Since this bug included huge headaches and no sleep, I thought it a perfect time for a little Aisle 13 work.

And what the heck is that, you ask? When we lived in Missouri, forever known to us as Misery, we had a big box store in town that had all the plumbing stuff in Aisle 13. We thought, huh, that makes sense, and it stuck. Since I have always been a do it yourselfer, not really handsome, just damn handy, I end up doing all the electrical, plumbing, construction type stuff myself. The house we had was big, old and had a lot of deferred maintenance issues. One of them being the use of garden hose for the kitchen plumbing. There is a reason that Missouri is called the Show Me state. My reply to that is “what’s the point, you won’t listen anyway.”

So, I got a lot of quality experiences of the plumbing variety while living in the state of Misery. Handy stuff, ’cause like an idiot, we bought another house in Kansas that was even older and more run down. Some of those deferred maintenance issues go back 80 years or more. I keep telling myself that suffering is only a state of mind.
Old and drippy
Today’s project, enhanced by sleep deprivation, was to replace a defective fill valve on the toilet. The old one had developed a bit of incontinence, it was continually dribbling water. Knowing that these kind of issues will pop up, we tend to stock up on pipes, valves, things you need when the hardware store is probably not open. Somewhere along the way, the Mrs picked up a generic toilet valve and had it stashed for a day like this.

New valve
Plumbing, thankfully, has all become standardized. Weirdo parts from who knows where, will probably fit without you having to go all custom on it. This one was a stylish red and black and had a fairly good set of instructions. That is not always the case; I have seen them with a gigantic fold out, every language known to man, fine print, crappy pictures, and you can’t even dial 1 for English. Sometimes you get lucky and its always good to be lucky when you’re plumbing.

Vavle installed
15 minutes later, only one mild curse word and no blood sacrifices, the new valve is in. And look at that, I have spare parts.

Another triumph in Aisle 13.

Spare parts