Lost Opportunities

The Bald Eagle, proud symbol of our country, has made an amazing recovery from the troubles it was having several decades ago. Ben Franklin pushed for having the American Turkey as our national emblem, and I can see his point. Turkeys are generally sneaky and the Toms are belligerent. Kinda sounds like a winning combo for being a super power, eh?

I digress. We have a large grassy area out in front of the building I work in, and it is about 2 miles from one of the rivers that runs through the town. The day was a cloudy, kinda cool day, not much wind. As I walked out of the building, I looked up. There was a bald eagle, about 40 feet away from me, being pursued by a couple of crows. It was swooping and staying quite low, trying to avoid the loud mouthed trouble makers.

I like to think of myself as being mostly aloof from social culture. I disdain all things that are hip and trendy. Effecting a hipster mannerism would be cause for a shunning in the biblical sense. I’ve mocked people for always having their heads down and noses stuck in their phones. I have witnessed people actually run into things because they were so absorbed with the phone, they didn’t see the wall that was heading for them.

And the first dang thing I did was reach for my phone, to video the eagle dodging the stupid crows. And of course, being a smart phone, it knew this was an aberrant behavior for me and acted as if it didn’t know what I wanted it to do. I futzed with it, and finally it gave in and let me have my way, but by this time the show had mostly moved on and I basically caught the tail end of everything as it headed out of town.

I paused for a moment, looking back and forth, between the eagle and phone, shaking my head. I did the only logical thing I could think of, and mentally told my inner hipster to get off my lawn. Hopefully I will have learned my lesson and not have to shun myself.

Enjoy this pathetic and brief video of the majestic eagle, being escorted out of town by couple of rowdy punks.

Authors note: After viewing the video, I am amazed I didn’t hear the phone mocking me while I mashed the buttons.