Not What You Expected Part II

We’ve had a pretty good winter so far. Sure, November and December were cold and snowy. That’s water under the bridge, and it’s not frozen. February has been delightful. Highs anywhere from 50’s to 70’s. Lows mostly above freezing, so the dog’s water stays liquid most of time. Growing up in Minnesota, you know you’re going to pay for it, and, we are. The weather guys have been gleefully reporting snow and cold to last for like, ever. What happened to spring? Well, dummy, it’s only February.

I was searching for something to lift our beleaguered spirits… How about this, “Now is the winter of our discontent, made glorious summer by this, this… video of a dung beetle.”
Like I said. Not what you were expecting. I somehow had my wife’s phone one day last June, so when I noticed this little guy scampering away with his prize, uphill, I might add, I had to record it. The prize was the dog’s property, rightly, but he said he was done with it. OK then. Rock on, Dude!

This all came about when my wife noticed something strange in the media folder on her phone. Surprise!