State of the Goose

State of the Goose

Yes, I know, it’s like Goose central around here. Post after post of goosey goodness. Teddy Roosevelt was fond of saying “Do what you can, with what you got, where you are.” Well Teddy, I’m trying.
Whacha gonna do when you got thousands of geese parked just off your driveway. You grab your crappy video camera and try to record the little buggers. This has been going on most of January and all of February. Before that, it was clouds of blackbirds, but they wore out their welcome early with parking in our trees and crapping on everything.

I had thought that after the milo got plowed under, the geese would disperse. Nothing doin’. I did notice most of the Canadian geese not being here in huge numbers. What is out there now is what’s call Light Geese. They are a lighter bodied goose, mostly white with black wing tips.

Last night, they came over in waves, like always, but it was a different sound. My good video camera was not charged, so I grabbed my crappy one and headed out the door. It was beautiful yesterday. Calm, warm, I even saw a mosquito. The weather man said snow was coming, so I think the geese had an idea to eat like pigs before the snow got here.

They were going over that field like a green pooping vacuum cleaner.
You’ll notice I was waving around like a sickly weed in the wind. I really didn’t know where to look, there was movement everywhere. Like a kid on a sugar high, I was jerking all over the place. I suffer for my art. Now it’s your turn. Deal with it.

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