Geese – The Movie

I could hear them from inside the house. Starting around a half hour before sunset, they come in from all points. V after V of them. I grabbed my video camera and let it roll. It was so cool to watch, I didn’t even wonder where my shotgun was.

Update: Last night, a few thousand geese were parked very near the end of my driveway. Mostly snow geese from the looks of it. When I came home tonight, Ole Clyde was out plowing his milo under. As I look up into the sky, there is a constant stream of snow geese flying over head, heading west to the big ponds and river. Clyde aught to be pretty happy with all the free fertilizer he’s plowing under.

This was originally posted on Feb 17, but taken down because I was a NOOB and couldn’t get the video to work. Live and learn.

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