This year has been quite different from years past. Living in the country, as we do, and not really bothered by neighbors, as we’re not, we tend to see things. This year it’s Geese. Every year, it’s kinda Geese, but this year it’s GEESE. It’s been mild this winter. Really mild, like we haven’t seen since we have been here (since 2006).


Ol’ Clyde farms the ground across from us. He’s in his 80s and starting to slow down. Deaf as a post but good natured, he and I talk, well, I mostly listen, from time to time. Last spring we chatted in the alfalfa field at the end of my driveway. He told me he was starting to slow down and his wife was having problems and then gave me the entire history of his land purchases in the area. I felt part of the family for a brief moment, and kind of wishing he hadn’t burdened me with all that history. Maybe humbled and burdened. I tend to have old guys do that more often than not, and I wonder why they are telling me, and not a family member. Anyway, he got late with putting winter wheat on the ground across from us and ended up putting milo in. And there it sat, all winter. Never harvested it.


Deer hunting this year was a bust because all the deer were camping out in Clyde’s milo. Then the Geese found out. Normally they mill around, back and forth, over our ridge, from lake to river. High enough that buckshot can’t quite tickle them. Long about February, somebody in charge of the flock said “That milo field is the place to be.” And so it was. Constant honking and low zooming the house on the way to the field. This all started somewhat close to the end of goose hunting season. I am a bit resentful of that. Hundreds of Geese, thousands of Geese. And they never shut up.



What you are seeing happens almost every night. The pictures are at extreme zoom and may be a bit fuzzy, I was about 150 yards from them. If you could look off in the distance, they just keep heading in. It was awesome!

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